Be of service

Of huge significance to me, is my love and desire to be of service. 


This was something strongly instilled in me by my parents and faith. I'm not one to boast on this type of matter, as the Jewish faith says the best "Mitzvah", or good deed, is the one "where neither the giver or receiver knows the other". However, in an effort to bring awareness and focus on the needs of others and encourage others to help, I share moments such as these. Having spent so much time in Dallas, Jesse and I have become advocates of the North Texas Food Bank and their programs and efforts to bring meals to those in need. We help pack boxes of food for children to be delivered to their schools to ensure they have weekend meals, arrange holiday meals and ask for donations to the food bank. We get a great deal of satisfaction and gratitude in doing so.

Knowing me is knowing my past!

I grew up in El Paso, Texas. My mom and my dad have been married for 35 years. They're the best parents you could ask for. My mom is a Russian Jew and my dad, Italian Catholic. I was raised in the Jewish faith, Bat Mitzvah'd and all, but went to an Episcopalian elementary school so I would be well versed in both faiths. Being well rounded and open minded  were important principals to my parents. Having a good education and a good heart takes you far and my parents did everything to ensure that. When I moved out at 15 to pursue my dream of acting, I had the grounding and foundation to stay true to myself and have the integrity to take this journey.

I moved out to L.A. at 15 and have been working as an actress ever since. I started by modeling and being so short progresses into acting, which was always my main focus. This is from the last shoot I did for a French publication. We shot it in the mountains above Malibu. It was a great day!


6AM and at the gym... Oh well! I try not to take life too seriously, well not this kind of stuff.

6AM and at the gym... Oh well! I try not to take life too seriously, well not this kind of stuff.

There's never a dull moment with these guys around! That's paparazzi.  They're an LA staple. You learn to live with them. 

My favorite motto in life: "Seek rather to understand, then to be understood".

Everyone, including these guys are trying to make a living and provide for their loved ones. Having compassion and an open mind helps me keep perspective and co-exist with all those around me... even when you're just trying to grab an early morning workout!

Hi! I'm Cara Santana. Welcome to my crazy world!

I live in Los Angeles with my handsome boyfriend - that's him! His name is Jesse. Right now he works on the TNT series Dallas. We spend our time back and forth from Texas and California. I love life. I just can't get enough. Whether it's being in Los Angeles and getting glammed up for Hollywood parties, dressing down to aid one of my favorite causes or traveling the world - I do it all with a full heart and an eager soul. Let me take you into my life!

This is my Muse Diary!