The director, Gus Black, and the awesome crew on our "Waves" music shot in Death Valley. It was such an amazing experience. We even hiked down into the bottom of this crater to get some shots. Of course, I was wearing sandals, it ended up being very painful with tiny rocks stabbing my feet all the way down and then back up again, but it was worth it. 

Another shot of the giant Death Valley crater from the bottom. 

We woke up while it was still dark out in order to get a shot of the sunise. In the desert, that means it’s really, really cold! The makeup artist was such a sweetheart and was trying to keep me warm while we waited for the sun to make it’s appearance. 

Devils Golf Course. So many beautiful and surreal areas in Death Valley. 

Tour Life.

Not long after the success of Where The Kids are, and things started getting serious with label offers and touring on the horizon, Bruce decided that he didn’t want to be a part of the touring band. Which at the time was a huge deal to me. We had always done everything together and I couldn’t imagine him not being a part of the live show. It definitely was a difficult time for me, figuring out if I could really do this all by myself. As hard as it was, in the end it proved to be a great thing for me. With no one to depend on during live shows, and for interviews, etc. I really had to step up to the challenge and definitely proved to myself that I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought I was. Thankfully, once we started looking for a touring guitar player we found Steve Stout, funny enough on Craigslist. He’d only been living in LA for 5 months when he answered our ad, and now we’ve been touring together for the past 2 years. Here’s a pic of one of the first shows we ever played together at The Central in Santa Monica. It was great to find someone so excited and happy to be on the road, and now we’ve been touring together for 2 years. Time is flying by with this crazy kid. p.s. He looks like an innocent baby here! What happened!?! LOL!! 

Where The Kids Are

On the set of our "Where The Kids Are” music video shoot at Vasquez Rocks. This song and video was one of the things that made people take notice of the band. At the time we didn’t have a publicist, or the money to hire one, so I took it upon myself to email any and every blog I could with the video. To my surprise, it blew up online and really set everything in motion for us. 

From Astaire to BLONDFIRE.

Photo from our self released 1st album, My Someday. We were originally called Astaire, but Fred Astaire’s widow had a problem with it and threatened to sue us for using the name. We were pretty bummed about it because we had just done our first real tour and we were starting to get some attention. That’s when we became Blondfire. 

Beginners luck...

I met and wrote with Wally on the very last day of a songwriting trip I’d taken to LA. It was pretty much an instant connection, and the 2nd song we ever wrote together ended up being recorded by Jessica Simpson on her A Public Affair album. I was still living in NYC at the time and I was there for the session at Sony Studios. It was my first time writing for another artist and I got the cut. Sometimes I think life gives you beginners luck to let you know that you’re on the right path.