I'm a model.

I’ve always wanted to be a model = I’ve always wanted to be beautiful, attractive, sexy and photogenic.

I am sure there are women out there that look in the mirror and are happy with what they see but not me. There are brief moments when I see an attractive person in the reflection but those flashes are short. My sense of humor is stronger but who wants to have sex with a sense of humor?

Growing up with a huge forehead, puffy slanty eyes, thick eyeglasses, horse teeth and a flat face – being attractive did not seem possible. (See baby picture = grumpy business man baby) But one has to work with what one has. As an adult I can be content with my looks but secretly wish plastic surgery wasn’t painful. Even still, I hate how I look in most photos so it was a complete surprise when I received a call from a casting studio about a Barney’s New York Campaign… I went in and took polaroids convinced I wouldn’t get the job and wondering how the hell they received my info. (Later to find out my dear friend BJ Panda Bear had submitted my photos – that little sneak)

Flash forward a couple weeks later and I was on a 5 day shoot with the amazing BRUCE WEBER and about 50 other models and characters. LA STORIES was the premise, sprinkled with Angelenos from all walks of life: old to young, different hued hair, musicians, painters, choir church singers, the list goes on….

I can still tell you I look absolutely ugly in both photos (large jawline) but it was the experience that I’ll never forget. Holding the hand of Bruce Weber as I teetered down a grassy hill to take photos with two incredibly attractive young boys.

NOW who wants to have sex with me… because I am a model  – I have the photos to prove it.