Kris Kross made you jump, jump… but did you know it was for a damn fine reason?

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Kris Kross made you jump, jump…but did you know it was for a damn fine reason?

No.  Not just to party down.  Jumping is actually a little something of an incredible gift for your body.  Especially women.  That means me.  And it might mean you. 

As us fine females get older, we begin to lose bone density.  I won’t get into the nitty gritty scientific details, but basically what I am saying is post 30 those bones are getting brittle. A few ways to help this: lifting weights, calcium, but right here right now we are talking about one wild howling law.  Wolff’s Law.  This isn’t just a bad ass name, it is more.  It was actually developed in the late 19th century by one smart man who says that “bone grows and remodels in response to the forces that are placed upon it.” Say what!? Bones get stronger the more they must absorb shock.  Which brings us back to the start of these words: JUMP!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better…it does.  Jumping not only helps build bone density, but you begin burning calories and the cherry on top is that even those endorphins start running and you will end up happier.  With all of this goodness how can you not?

Here are a few plyometric moves you can do with nothing needed but that incredible thing called you. Fear not: “plyometrics” is just the fancy workout word for jump training.

Don’t forget, you can always just jump.  It’ll do the body good.  But if you want to up your game here are three ways:

JUMP SQUAT: Keep your feet parallel to one another as you drop that booty. Squeeze the core and glutes as you come up and push off of the ground.  When you land, try to make it softly which requires more control.  Return to the starting postion, dropping those buns and do it again. Again as in ten times. Start there.  Build up to 2 sets and then 3 sets. You’re toning that booty along with all of the other benefits. Delicious.

Peter Pan Jumps: There are definitely some more eloquent ways to put these move, but it always makes me think of clicking those  heels together to fly to Never Never Land.  Standing up right, engage the core and jump into the air clicking your feet together.  Aim for twenty of this move, again building to add an additional set and then 2 more with 10 seconds of rest in between.   Don’t forget, you really can fly.

Kris Krunch: (Get it, an homage to Kris Kross)

The last move adds just a little oblique crunch to help whittling that waist.  Jump up in the air, core engaged and feet together.  As you jump, reach the arms all the way extended overhead and then bring into your chest as you land softly.  (that means, control, slightly bent knees, you know. Soft. ) As you land the arms come in front of your chest and take a small crunch to the right.  Imagine making your bottom rib and your hip bone kiss.  Weird image, it works thought, right? Now repeat jumping up, arms extended and crunch to the left.  That right there, is one rep my friend.  Aim for 10 reps, which should take between 20-30 seconds and then begin to add from there.  First make it 15 reps, then add a 10 second pause and add more sets.

 Don’t forget this is anytime anywhere in the air like you just don’t get care to build happy and healthy you.


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