Adventures in Paris

Je t'aime Paris !

Thanks to everyone who donated to my indiegogo fundraiser for a dream vacation for my mom. We had the best time - definitely a dream come true for her and I. xox

MONEY SHOT! Holding the Louvre’s Pyramid with just one finger!

A trip to P A R I S for my Mom.

I recently did an indiegogo fundraiser to send my mom on her dream vacation to Paris. 

Help Send Mom With Cancer On Dream Vacation

My mom was diagnoised with Brain Cancer earlier this year. She had a Grade 4 glioblastoma tumor on the upper right side of her head. Surgeons were able to remove 95% of what was abnormal in her brain. Unfortunately this type of cancer, as you can imagine, is quite dangerous and aggresive. We hope that she will be able to survive and beat this, but there is also a chance that her life expecentacy is 2-5 years. 

My mother's dream was always to go to Paris. As an only child, I have had to use a lot of my financial resources to help pay for any medical or personal bills, making money very tight now-a-days. I would really love to give her this gift which is why I am turning to Indiegogo and hoping that the kindness of others will help me raise enough money to take her on her dream vacation.

Any money raised that is not needed for the trip will go towards helping to pay for any medical and personal bills that still need to be paid for. 

For any of you that know my mom personally, please do not tell her about this! I am hoping to surprise her. 

I wish I could offer cool perks, but I promise I am super thankful for anyone that donates and would be glad to send you all a Paris postcard and thank you card :)


About my mom, Maria:

My mom was born in Brazil, in a small town outside of Belo Horizonte. She is one of eight, and had to quickly learn to take care of herself and the rest of her large family as she was one of the oldest. My mother was always a hard worker. Around the age of 10, she would pick bananas and coffee beans from the farm she grew up on and would go into town on horse selling whatever she could to make extra money for the family. Before picking up and leaving to move to the U.S., she was a nurse in a hosiptial - went from ER to delvering babies. She took a chance and got on a flight to NYC one day in the mid 80's and stayed. Here is where she met my dad, had me, and continued working. 

Now, as she was nearing retirement, we were all hoping she would get the rest she finally needed and live life. Of course no one can forsee the future and unfortunately this happened, but I would really love to give something to her that she highly deserves after a long life of working hard and making sacrifices for me so that I could succeed and have a good life. 

Enjoying Summer

During the summer, I always try to go to a winery. Nice sunny weather and wine is always the best. This picture is from Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard in Long Island where they also have horses on the farm.  I’ve actually never ridden a horse in my entire life! However, I still plan on doing so one day. For now, I just adore the animal with my two feet on the ground.

Some of My Loves

Colored pants are one of my favorite trends. A pop of color is perfect for spring/summer. Here I am with one of my best friends, Jackson.

 Soaking in some sun while on a sailboat cruising around Manhattan #summerinnyc

Another one of my favorite things about NYC is hanging out on my rooftop with my friends. This was on St.Patrick’s Day (hence all the green!)


Travel, another one of my loves. I was lucky enough to get to experience and see one of the most amazing churches in this world, which is in Barcelona, Spain called Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi.  The church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unfortunately Gaudi died before it was completed, however through private donations, construction still goes on to fully complete the church. They are hoping to have it fully finished by 2026, the centennial of Gaudi’s death – you bet I will be there!

The City of Lights - NYC

Here I am with one of my best friends, Cassandra at the Standard Beirgarten. I highly recommend coming to this spot in the summer if you are visiting NYC. Afterwards, you can take a walk on the High Line – one of NYC’s treasures.

A NYC classic

 Serendipity’s Cold Hot Chocolate


Cassandra and I hanging out at SL in Meatpacking 

 Eating a corn dog at Governors Ball! I love going to music festivals in the summer. One of the biggest ones on my to do list is still Coachella, but for now I will take advantage on one of the biggest festivals in NYC.

And let's not forget NY Fashion week. One of the perks of working with fashion clients. :)