My Flat in Kreuzberg in Berlin with two of my best friends from home.

People come from all around the world to try the Strudel & the Schnitzel at Einstein Cafe in Berlin. There's no doubt it is a culinary experience !! Alo



Berlinale - Berlin Film festival - Good Times , Good Parties :)

Visiting the Holocaust Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. As you walk the grounds, you can have a sense of loss, even confusion as you find your way out.


We are the Pigs!!!


Berlin Nightlife- Supporting Zebra Music in Wedding -East Berlin. You MUST get comfortable shoes..cos in Berlin when the party begins it never ends !! Boom


Berlin Food Festival- this is Not Kosher!! :)


Getting ready for a night out in Berlin!! Alo let's go


Taking a break on my way to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. On a beautiful , cloudy day .

PARIS 2014

The minute I stepped outside of the Louvre, it is sunny, it rains, the sun comes back out, and then there's a big colorful rainbow just in front of me.. What a sensual moment. I was so thrilled to capture that in one of the Louvre courtyard fountains. j'adore Paris!!


At Tour Eiffel. When it lights up, it evokes your inner child. That feeling is magical!

 My good friend Frantz , invited me to an auction of an exceptional collection of vintage cars and motorcycles at the Grand Palais in Paris. C'est Parfait!! Oui Oui

 At Montmartre , an artist village located in north of Paris. Looking back over the panoramic view of the city, having a glass of red wine,and wandering around the vintage shops in Pigalle.