My Flat in Kreuzberg in Berlin with two of my best friends from home.

People come from all around the world to try the Strudel & the Schnitzel at Einstein Cafe in Berlin. There's no doubt it is a culinary experience !! Alo



Berlinale - Berlin Film festival - Good Times , Good Parties :)

Visiting the Holocaust Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. As you walk the grounds, you can have a sense of loss, even confusion as you find your way out.


We are the Pigs!!!


Berlin Nightlife- Supporting Zebra Music in Wedding -East Berlin. You MUST get comfortable shoes..cos in Berlin when the party begins it never ends !! Boom


Berlin Food Festival- this is Not Kosher!! :)


Getting ready for a night out in Berlin!! Alo let's go


Taking a break on my way to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. On a beautiful , cloudy day .