Journey through Jerusalem

Waking up slowly, getting a strong cup of coffee... I'm traveling the holiest city in the world - JERUSALEM!!!!

It is a long walk through the small alleys..You may need a hot bagel with sesame before you hit the road! Those you can find in front of Jaffa's Gate!! Alo let's go

20 mins later, while we were walking through the Jewish quarter we heard Bob Marley in the background... Following the song "One Love , One Heart , let's get together and feel alright..."

We then saw this lovely girl with a big smile, offering us a fresh pomegranate juice mixed with beets and ginger... yummm that was divine!! Booom!

Just got a red ribbon and a blessing from the rabbi!! Mazel Tov!!

Each quarter of the Old City - Armenian, Jewish , Christian , Muslim - has its own ambiance and vibe. Tourists and locals can be found walking along these paths at any time of the day . Sometimes you feel like you lost in translation .

Once my friend and I entered into the arena that leads to the Western Wall, I was immersed in something words cannot describe.

Upon approaching the Wall itself, there was a certain sentiment in the air that weighed heavy on me, as if it was filled with so much emotion and value that even breathing in meant absorbing something Holy. What struck me next was the variety of people at this one place, different religious dress, different races, from babies to elderly. I felt something special with every step I took towards the Wall. I got a few feet away and marveled at the thousands of notes stuffed into the cracks, the hopes, the dreams and prayers of so many unique individuals, and was overwhelmed with awe. To my left a woman was pressed against the wall absolutely sobbing; the wall was her comfort, the one she could tell it all to, her everything. I put my hand on the ancient Wall, and felt a wave of emotion unparalleled by any other. Tears steamed down my face as I felt the power of the prayers of so many people, and a certain comfort that came along with it. That experience was priceless.

"If I forget you, Jerusalem , may my right hand forget it's skill"