Haute Street SPOTLIGHT: Brooke Saward of WorldOfWanderlust.com

All images courtsey of Brooke Saward

All images courtsey of Brooke Saward

The SPOTLIGHT is on Brooke Saward, the inspirational travel blogger behind WORLD OF WANDERLUST. This Tasmanian adventurer exclusively shares with us how she put her "idea into motion", upcoming collaborations, and her best of the best from around the world. #CHECKIT #theMUSEdiaries 


HAUTE STREET: Tell us about yourself. Where you grew up. Your background. Your passion for travel - where it all began.

BROOKE SAWARD: I grew up on an island in Australia called Tasmania. My entire family are originally from the farm so I guess you could say I'm a small town girl! When I was young my family moved to a bigger city on the island called Launceston, which is where I grew up. My parents believed this would give me and my sister better opportunities, but the city was still relatively small with a population of 100,000 people.

When I was age 13 I was selected to perform in a children's choir for a movie premier in Hong Kong - my first trip overseas! I fell in love with the 'big city lights' and as cliche as it sounds, I was a small town girl in a big city - my love for travel stemmed from there!


HS: Where is your favorite spot that you regular?

BS: Fly me to Paris any day of the week.

HS: Best Off-the-beaten path spots you've discovered while on an adventure? 

BS: Bruges, Belgium; Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic; and Hallstatt, Austria. (images of each on my website if you just use the search bar!)

HS: Best places to that you’ve stayed at or want to stay at while wanderlusting (Hotels, Camping & Glamping).

BS: My all time favourite was the recent luxury tree house I stayed in - Singita Sweni - inside the Kruger National Park. A serious case of glamping.

HS: How did you start your blog and when did you know that it really took off?

BS: I started from scratch and it has grown exponentially in the first 18 months - it is still under 2 years old! I'm not really sure if I feel as though it has even really taken off yet as I have so many more ideas and projects in the works! I'm always so busy of thinking ahead!

HS: How did you get started/ build a following?

BS: It really was just as simple as putting an idea into motion. It's one step at a time - which I explain to readers of my new Ebook 'How to create a successful blog'. You really have to work hard on each step rather than rush ahead trying to get an audience before you have great content - it's all about the process!

HS: What makes a good social media photo?

BS: Aim to inspire. In almost all of my photos I try to tell a story rather than just show a scenic shot or touristy shot. It's all about inspiring others!

HS: How do u connect with your social media fans?

BS: I'm best contacted on twitter! @worldofwlust

HS: Favorite treasure you've acquired in your recent travels? 

BS: Because I travel full time year-round I try my best not to collect tangible goods! My photos are my best memories.

HS: Top 3 places on your bucket list that you haven't been to yet and why?

BS: Antarctica - the last continent I will need to step foot on after I visit South America in August; Iceland because it looks unreal; and Norway for the hiking/scenery.

HS: The most interesting person that you've met on one of your travels-where and why? 

BS: A girl I met up with in Copenhagen, Denmark. She had contacted me out of the blue to see if I would like a tour of the city with a local as I had been doing a few meet-ups before then. She was the most genuine, down to earth person I had ever met. An absolute inspiration in every sense of the word. She was also Bosnian and very proud of her home country, despite having to leave in the 1990s due to the war. She had told her parents about me and my website and her dad was incredibly pleased to hear I would be visiting Bosnia later in the year. From that encounter, I was determined to do a good job of promoting Bosnia to my readers. It wasn't hard because I absolutely loved the place! One of my articles went viral in Bosnia and I now have heaps of readers from there! Crazy!


HS: We all know you love travel, what are your other passions?

BS: Really, you do? Haha.... I also love to sing, play piano, dance, yes - I was a 'theatre kid' in school. I have a great passion for writing which I'm sure you knew already... but my dream is to publish a novel one day!

HS: If you had an unlimited budget and could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do? Why is this your choice?

BS: The moon because you said 'unlimited budget' and I'm a dreamer.

HS: Travel fashion/packing tips?

BS: HATS! I wear them all the time so I don't have to do my hair... they also make any outfit immediately fashionable. 

HS: Tell us the best locations in your home town for the following: 

BS: best food - Burger Got Soul - my favourite burger joint. My favourite is the "Mind body and soul" veggie burger. mmmmm!

best fashion - Justin Paul Boutique

best people - You'll find the best people everywhere... there's something about Tasmanians, they're a friendly bunch!

best architecture - The city of Launceston is filled with interesting architecture from the past and present - head to Inveresk for the best insight.

best beach - We don't have one! Crazy, huh!

best history - The Inveresk Museum

HS: Number one travel essential (besides a passport!)?

BS: My frends headphones!

HS: Favorite travel buddy?

BS: My Canon DSLR! I love traveling solo at the moment - I'm sure it will change in the future but for now, I am my own best friend!

HS: Who is a woman that has personally inspired you in your lifetime?

BS: My mum. Words can't even do it justice to explain how tremendous she is. She's like that superwoman mum that you swear has superpowers to accomplish everything she does in each and every day. She works full time and always manages to have an impeccable household and an elaborate dinner on the table every evening - that to me is one of the most selfless lifestyles a person can have. She's amazing.


HS: Can you share any trips or collaborations you have planned?

BS: I have an exciting campaign with Ford Car Company - it will be filmed so you will get to see the whole thing!

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