Meet the MUSE: Nikki Pennie LONDON | LOS ANGELES


NIKKI is wearing a leather moto jacket by ANINE BING.


Meet the incredibly cool Nikki Pennie, our July MUSE, also known as @thebritishbardot. This trendsetting DJ opens up about the start of her musical career, her most recent exotic travels and what she loves about being a woman in the "boys club". #HAUTESTREET #theMUSEdiares

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HAUTE STREET: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your upbringing in London?

NIKKI PENNIE: I grew up in the countryside of England in the most beautiful place, Henley on Thames that is wear my parents still reside.  I moved to London when I was 18 to study and lived there until I moved to the US.  I did a degree in Fashion Management and the rest is history...

HS: When did you move to the United States and why did you decide to do so? 

NP: I was constantly traveling back and forth from London for 2 years so I finally decided to move here permanently over 5 years ago.  I was working for a British fashion house called Issa and then moved here and fell into styling. That then brought me to DJing and now that is what I do full time. 

HS: How was that experience and how did it impact you?

NP: My experience of moving here was amazing as I had quite a few good Brit friends here from London and I had already spent so much time in the city it was already my 2nd home.

 HS: How did you get into DJing?

NP: I started being asked by a few fashion brands to DJ at the beginning of last year.  I then got introduced to this amazing British music producer; Dave Garnish, he was coming out here to train Paris Hilton as she had some big DJ gigs in Europe.  He very kindly trained me for a couple of months and that was the beginning!

HS: What is the process of getting booked on a job?

NP: I am fortunate to get approached by brands or event organizers who will book me as they have heard about me through word of mouth, recommendations or seen me at an event.


MARNI shift dress, STUSSY jacket with leather sleeves, WILDFOX sunglasses and CHANEL watch.


HS: Can you tell us about your creative process?

NP: The client will normally give me musical direction for the evening and I will come back with ideas of songs or a sample playlist and then will plan my set accordingly.  A lot of times I will read a room at the party and play according to the vibe, this is part of the art of being a good DJ ;).

 HS: Have you encountered any situations being a woman in your field?

NP: Yes!!! DJing was originally a boys club and now, thanks to all of the latest DJ technology, no more bags and bags of records to carry to every gig.

HS: What are the advantages to being a woman in your field?

NP: You get to meet lots of cute boys that love music just as much as you do!! Being creative with fashion for each event I do, I channel a different look or designer. I love that I get to incorporate my love for fashion with my love for music.

HS: How would you describe your personal style?

NP: Eclectic and a mix of everything, it depends how I am feeling that day; Rock n Roll, chic, elegant, glam...a real mix!! 


BALENCIAGA white leather moto jacket, TOM FORD high-waisted pencil skirt, AMERICAN APPAREL crop top and BAUBLEBAR chain necklace


HS: If you could raid anyone's closet - who's would it be?

NP: Kate Moss 

HS: Finish these sentences:

My fashion icon's are ... Carine Roitfeld & Kate Moss

Something that people don't know about me is…I love to drink hot milk before I go to bed!

My most embarrassing moment was…10 years ago in London, I was walking down High Street Kensington and my wrap skirt fell down and I didn’t realize until I looked up and everyone on the bus was pointing... BEYOND!!

Three words to describe myself are … Fun, Sweet & British

My pet peeve is… men that care too much about fashion

Nothing is better than ... white chocolate

 HS: We heard that you have a VW bug with eyelashes…

NP: Sadly, it’s no longer. I just got a mustang!

HS: Who are your favorite artists of the moment? 

NP: Tove Lo. Disclosure. Jessie Ware

HS: What are the top 3 instagram accounts that you follow and why?

NP: Beyonce...Queen B him!!

Stefano Gabbana- Genius

HS: What is an essential piece of social media advice that someone has given you? 

NP: #hashtag !!!

HS: What do you miss most about London?

NP: Victoria Sponge Cake from Marks & Spencers

British boys 

My family  

HS: Tell us about a female who has influenced you personally in your life.

NP: My mum is an incredible woman in every way. She is strong & determined. 

Nikki is wearing ANINE BING flared jeans, printed tee and leather jacket. SHYLEE ROSE diamond and rose gold drop necklace.

HS: Tell us about your favorite travel destination.

NP: Uruguay, its amazing there during wintertime & there is a very chic bohemian, glam scene. 

HS: For someone who has never been there - what would you suggest he or she SEE/EAT/DO while staying there?

NP: Everything!! Red wine & red meat 

HS: What destination is next on your travel wish list?

NP: I would love to visit New Orleans.

HS: Your asked to go on an impromptu trip to an exotic location for 72 hours but you aren't told where. What's in your carry-on?

NP: Sunglasses and Sneakers!

NIKKI in Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival. Courtesy of Nikki's Instagram

NIKKI in Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival. Courtesy of Nikki's Instagram

HS: Tell us about your most recent trip to Cannes and Marrakech.

NP: I was in Cannes to DJ a very glam party for Cannes Film Festival hosted by Relativity & Variety magazine. I then went on to Marrakech for a dear friends wedding, which was BEYOND amazing!! A day extravaganza.

HS: What advice would you give someone who is trying to get into your profession?

NP: Determination, hard work and persistence.

HS: What is a piece of advice that has kept you going and growing throughout your life?

NP: Don’t give up!! 

HS: Can you remember a time in your life that "changed" you and how so?

NP: When I experienced the Tsunami & Earthquake in Japan, it put my whole life in perspective.

HS: If you could give your 15-year old self a piece of advice based on what's to come - what would it be? 

NP: Enjoy life!! 

HS: Can you share any upcoming plans and collaborations? 

NP: Working on a fab remix right now with some amazing producers and lots more to come!!

HS: Tell us about your "PASSION PROJECT". 

NP: My passion project is to help everyone in the world in any way that you can, especially young girls! 

HS: Continuing on with our tradition - our June MUSE, Nadin Naumann asked, "What do you want to be remembered for?"

NP: Being kind :)))


FOR LOVE AND LEMONS lace long sleeve crop top, H&M hat